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In 2004 the cities Gießen and Wetzlar create with universities, chambers and in cooperation with the regional government of Hessen a formal Inter-town Working Group (WG). It develops and implements common cooperation projects and coordinates planning and development. The WG consists of a steering committee (SC) witch is build by the heads of the town council and thematically working groups. The SC act as project management structure for current cooperation-projects.

Both cities have been the symbol for the failure of municipal reforms in the 70's by the attempt to create a New Town “Lahnstadt”. So the new cooperation structure is also a bottom-up approach from the local player supported as pilot region by the national Research Ministry in the activity “Stadt 2030” and “Refina”.

The “Lahnpark” is located in the centre of the city-area Gießen-Wetzlar in the centre of Hessen. The Lahnriver meadow is a historical manmade landscape and important for nature conservation, agriculture and leisure activities. Due to the dimension, the kind and intensity of the use (agriculture, leisure, traffic infrastructure) as well as many restrictions (nature conservation, flood water) use conflicts are coming up.

The aim of the project is the preservation and valorisation of nature and landscape. Existing conflicts should be resolved by an inter-town use concept. For this aim, the city of Wetzlar work together with the neighbourhood municipalities, private partners and associations.

Political representative | Director

Achim Beck, Stadt Wetzlar - Magistrate, Head of the Construction and Transport Department

Technical coordinator(s) | Advisor(s)

Holger Hartert, ahnpark-GmbH
Herr Gürsch


Stadt Wetzlar

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