Trikala’s Municipal Enterprise for Social Development (D.E.K.A.)

Trikala is the capital of the Province and is located at the fertile plain of Thessaly in central Greece. The Municipality of Trikala comprises the city of Trikala and 13 settlements that are 5 kilometers around the city. The population is about 75.000 inhabitants today. Trikala concentrates all the important economic, cultural, sports competencies.

Trikala possibly represents the first model in Greece of successful integration of neighboring municipalities and communities. The municipality participates as member in a series of legal bodies under public law on environmental, economic, cultural, social and touristic, growth issues.

Trikala’s Municipal Enterprise for Social Development (D.E.K.A.) participates as partner in the project and will implement the program on behalf of the Municipality. D.E.K.A.’s main areas of work are: human resources, sustainable and urban development, water / waste management, energy and sustainable transport, cultural heritage and landscape, implementation of (pilot) projects. It is an enterprise with high experience in different E.U. programs like URBACT, PROGRAMMED, INTERREG IIIC, INTERREG IIIB MEDOCC, EQUAL and many other national and European programs.

The aim of D.E.K.A. Trikala is to identify the Natural – green spaces (rivers, hills, parks), cultural heritage (historical places – buildings, old neighbourhoods) and to determine the uses and the current management in urban and peri-urban zones.

More specifically D.E.K.A. actions of the project are:
  • Accomplishment of an inventory of the spaces.
  • Description of the environmental, cultural, economical and social values of the zones.
  • Homogeneous Group of the spaces.
  • Use of GIS and e-tools for the inventory and management activities.
  • Implementation of several differentiated management plans taking into account the ecological values of the spaces, the existing regulation and the social demand.
  • Study and analysis of the possibilities of establishing a green – cultural net.
  • Campaign of spreading the ecological values and the fragility of the spaces.
  • Spreading of the good practices in field of protection and management of the natural and cultural heritage, sensitizing the stakeholders and the whole population.
  • Creation of a practical guide for the general public, personnel, workers in these fields and stakeholders.
  • Implementation of a communication plan: the project has to be well explained to different categories of users: residents, gardeners, councillors and managers.
Expectations of the project:
  • Improve inhabitants’ living conditions, offering them a wide diversity of spaces.
  • Encouraging cultural, athletic, entertainment events / activities.
  • Well informed personnel being in position to provide all kinds of information and advice about the area.
  • Higher visitor satisfaction / more services for tourists.
  • Increase of economic development.
  • Well signed itineraries promoting the area’s natural / cultural heritage.
  • Cooperation between the partners, sharing and exchanging knowledge in field of protection, improvement, enhancement and management of these spaces.
  • Through this project we will sensitize the stakeholders and the whole population as all inhabitants is attached to their living environment.

Political representative | Director

Nitsa KATSIKI-KATAVOUTA - President of D.E.K.A.
Ioannis SIAKAVARAS - General Director of D.E.K.A.

Technical coordinator(s) | Advisor(s)

Sotiris PAIANAS - Technical coordinator

Voka Vasiliki


Trikala’s Municipal Enterprise for Social Development (D.E.K.A)

5th Ap. Iakovaki Str.
42100 Trikala


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