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Sigulda district council is a local administration which ensures the performance of the functions prescribed by law and local government voluntary initiatives, observing the interests of the State and residents of the relevant administrative territory.

It was established in June 2003 when Sigulda City, Sigulda Parish and More Parish were merged. According to the Administrative territorial reform of Latvia, on the 1st of July Allaži parish was merged into Sigulda district. Total area is 204.5 km2 and Sigulda town 18.2 km2. Almost 1/3 of Sigulda district belongs to Gauja National Park, Nurmižu reserve as well as Suda swamp protected area. The increase of submitted construction plans and amount of building works proves that it is a more and more popular place for living. Sigulda town is situated on a picturesque stretch of the Gauja river valley. Because of the reddish Devonian sandstone which forms steep rocks and caves on both banks of the river, Sigulda has been called the «Switzerland of Vidzeme”. Supported by the town council, Festivals occur (Music Festival in the castle ruins in summer, Town Festival in May). Sports such as skiing, bobsledding, and luge are popular in wintertime and bungee jumping is racticed during the rest of the year. The Gutmanis Cave , the largest cave in the Baltics (measuring 19m deep, 12 m wide, 10 m high) lies halfway between Sigulda and Turaida Castle. The cave bears inscriptions from 17th century.

Political representative | Director

Mr. Uģis Mitrevics – Chairman of the Council

Technical coordinator(s) | Advisor(s)

Mrs. Inga Barisa

Project Manager of Development Department


Sigulda district council

Pils str. 16, Sigulda district
Sigulda, LV 2150


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