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Created in the 26th of July, 1886, the Municipality of Loures belongs to the Metropolitan Area of Lisbon and is located on the right bank of the Tagus river. It covers an area of 168 squared kilometres with near 200.000 inhabitants. Loures municipality administrates a highly contrasted territory where rural landscapes and urban environments coexist. It is a Local Public Authority and a relevant decision maker regarding the implementation of local policies. It develops multiple activities in the social and economic realms as well as in the fields of urban planning, environment, culture, sport, education, housing, cultural heritage, health, safety and tourism.

Loures contributes to the Project by defining new peri-urban landscape typologies and by studying ways of managing them. EUROSCAPES project will help us finding adequate differentiated management strategies for the following peri-urban landscapes: water courses and narrow valleys, areas with active agriculture, vineyards and herding, areas of agricultural abandonment (rich in biodiversity), rural settlements, rural paths and promenades. We will also study ways of sensitizing and involving local actors.

Political representative | Director

Mr. João Pedro Domingues, Vice-Mayor

Technical coordinator(s) | Advisor(s)

Manuel Cabral

Madalena Neves


Câmara Municipal de Loures

Divisão de Planeamento Urbanístico
Rua Ilha da Madeira, nº4
2670-442 Loures


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