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The South - East Development Region represents the framework for the elaboration, implementation and evaluation of the municipal development policy. It is a non-governmental and non-profit body, of public utility.

The Agency's mission is to promote sustainable socio-economic development, urban development, and tourism development through: partnerships (local and international), elaboration of integrated development services, implementation of municipal development programmes, and promotion of economic cooperation. SERDA has been involved in the evaluation, contracting and implementation process of the elaboration of Municipal Plans for Environment Actions.

SERDA has been involved as partner in the implementation of the following projects:

  • KOLISOON - a project funded under LIFE - Environment programme - with partners from Italy and Spain, aiming to design a new automated method for the analyses of ESCHERICIA COLI in wastewater effluent (project ended)
  • ERNEST - 'European Research Network on Sustainable Tourism' - a project funded under the 7th Framework Programme. The project addresses the issue of sustainable development of the tourism sector through coordination and collaboration among municipal research programmes (current project).
Role and actions in the project

SE RDA is responsible of coordinating bilateral exchanges on good practices identified within the project together with the lead partner. Therefore, SE RDA will participate in the project interregional events (thematic seminars, study visits, workshop sessions etc.). A Landscape Management Plan for the South-East Region of Romania will be set-up and e-tools or GIS will be developed to integrate the landscapes management data.

SE RDA will be part of the Landscape network importing at least one good practice.

Moreover, SE RDA’s will contribute to the elaboration of the handbook compiling the good practices analysed and of a policy recommendation paper on Landscape Management Plan model appointing a representative of the relevant policy-making body in the field of landscapes' management to take part on the expertise pole activity.

SE RDA will organise a large dissemination campaign to raise awareness on the importance and effectiveness of environmental practices, to increase the impact of the sustainable and integrated Landscapes Management Plan approach, to get the inhabitants’ support and even involvement on this issue. This campaign will consist of a series of communication tools: elaboration of a Landscape Management Communication Plan, organisation of regional dissemination events, local info-days, distribution of brochures/leaflets and electronic newsletters, publication of press releases, press articles and organisation of press conferences.

A section dedicated to EUROSCAPE project will be created on SE RDA’s website ( ) and will be regularly up-dated with information regarding the project progress.

Objectives and expectations concerning EUROSCAPES

SE RDA’s goal is to strengthen the capacity of the regional authorities to deal with the sustainable management of the natural and cultural landscapes, to support them in order to improve the urban and peri-urban landscapes’ management, to adapt or develop the uses of these landscapes and to protect and enhance landscapes in a coherent and sustainable territorial approach. The regional stakeholders as well as the policy makers will be actively involved in the exchange of good practices in this field, such as: instruments and tools to better manage natural and cultural landscapes in urban and peri-urban areas, territorial sustainable landscapes’ management plans, common models of sustainable landscapes’ management strategy.

Political representative | Director

Mr. Aurel-Gabriel SIMIONESCU – Mayor of Braila Municipality

Technical coordinator(s) | Advisor(s)

Adriana VAIDA – Head of External Relations/International Projects Department

Luminita MIHAILOV - General Director

Luiza Tiganus – communication officer


Agentia pentru Dezvoltare Regionala Sud-Est

Str. Anghel Saligny nr.24
810118 BRAILA


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